StAV : The Styrian Astronomica Society


Teleskop - Service: a very good supplier of astronomical equipment in Munich

Telescope - Austria : a very good supplier of astronomical equipment in Vienna


PantherObservatory : one of the best photographers, lives near Graz

CHART32 : the chilian observatory of Hannes Schedler ( Panther Observatory ) - some of the most spectacular photos you#ll ever see

Astrostyria : webpage of a friend, Daniel Gütl, who has helped me no end

Michael Karrer  : a friend from our Astrophotographer's round table

Fritz Sussmann : a friend from our Astrophotographer's round table

Robert Polzl : a friend from our Astrophotographer's round table 

Michael Paur  : my contact at TS, Munich, he helped me lots on the building of my observatory and also with numerous pieces of equipment

Klaus Tschernitz : the guy who sold me on Dobsons.  He does great Star Parties in the vineyards of southern Styria

AAS   : The webpage of the Astronomie Arbeitskreis Salzkammergut - the Astronomical Workgroup of the Salzkammergut. They are heavily into astrophotography and run a workshop each year 


CalSky   : a web based  planner, free of charge. Very good and can be set up for one's own needs. 




Abbot MCC : My club in the UK, I'm member number 2.

TFC85 : My club in Graz, specializes in touring, endouro and offroad biking

Dessert Dream : Adventure Holidays offered by friends of mine

Heli Frauenwallner : Austria's answer to Charlie Boorman.  A great laugh and a brilliant off road rider.

Trial for Safety : Trial riding and safety training from a friend in southern Styria




Photo Transit : a super App used to plan photographic shots using location data and satelite images

TPE - The Photographer's Ephemeris : a super App and (free) desktop application to work out the rising, setting and positions of the sun and moon. The program works with GoogleMaps.

PhotoPills : a super App. Works like TPE but has a couple of cool features, in particular a planning tool for the Milky Way and one that calculates the FOV for various lenses based on the object distance.

Nikon Capture NX2 : used for processing RAW photos





Skytools Pro : a terrific planning tool with extensive database. One of the best tools available

CCD Guide: a very good planning tool which has many little known objects. It is a project from the Astronomie Arbeitskreis Salzkammergut, of which I am a member. This program has some nice features, in particular when one finds an object, it links to a realistic view in, so one has an idea what it will look like.

CduC  : a free French planetarium program, I use this mainly for controlling my mount for photography

Virtual Moon Atlas : a superb, free moon atlas, has links to all Apollo photos

Astromist : another French program, I have versions for Palm and iPod.  Extremly compact, extensive database and many functions.  I always have it with me for reference, quick and easy. With Palm I have used it for remote control of mount ( BlueTooth )

EQAlign  :a free program for aligning mount and measuring PEC. Also has other functions, works very well

Maxim DL : a professional program, I use it to control camera and filters, acquire photos and for initial processing of FITS files

AstroRaster : a simple free program to throw various crosswires and grids onto screen. Very useful when adjusting cameras and equipment

Guide Dog : I used this free program for guiding in the early days. I found it worked very well and was easy to set up.  I preferred it to the other alternatives ( PHD or K3-CCD-Tools )



Adobe PS6 : a standard work, excellent. Used for both Astro- and normal photos 

Adobe Lightroom 5.4 : I have now moved over to lightroom for the archiving and basic development of photos, the newest versions are really good and photoshop is only required for very special cases. 

LRTimelapse 3.0 : a special program from Gunther Wegner which is used in conunction with Lightroom in order to produce stunning timelapse films 





Well , as an Astronomer, a biker and someone who lives on a farm, knowing the weather is important. a simple but good weather report, reasonably accurate  

Meteoblue: a professional weather page, has very good graphics showing trends every 3 hours. Also estimates astronomical seeing, really unique




Apps for iPhone

Listed here are some useful apps for iPhone. Generally they are not expesive and are very useful

Astromist : A simple but powerful Planetarium

StarMapPro : a very good Planetarium, has an enormous database and loads of information

APOD : a link to NASA's Astro Photo Of the Day, in the meantime I personally know a number of the photographers

SkySafari 4 Pro: Now my main Planetarium Programm, mainly due to being able to connect via WLAN. Has a very large database and loads of info and is terrific in combination with my large dobson via WLAN

SatelliteSafari: from the makers of SkySafari, this App is specially made for tracking satellites

PlutoSafari: from the makers of SkySafari, this free App is to monitor the progress of the current mission to explore Pluto and its moons

ExoPlanet : Keep uptodate on any newly discovered planets

SkyWeek Plus :A brief guide to what can be seen in the current week.