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New Website

11th March, 2011

After nearly two years of consideration, I have at last begun my website


News from my observatory

11th March, 2011

Currently the weather is good and I am taking photos as often as possible

Visual astronomy:

What have I been looking at

11th March, 2011

Jupiter has moved on and now Saturn is to be seen along with venus in the early hours

Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. How are the photos taken ?
  2. Why build an observatory ?
  3. Difficulties ?

How are the photos taken ?

  • I currently use a very sensitive black and white digital camera ( a special one for astrophotography ). Various photos are taken through clear, red, green and blue filters. the combination of these results in a single photo, in colour with reduced noise. Typically a run of photos lasts 2-6 hours and finally the post production work, also a number of hours.
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Why build an observatory ?

  • In order to obtain good pictures, it is essential that the mount is accurately aligned and calibrated. On a portable mount, I needed nearly one hour to do this and this barely surficed. With an observatory, it is possible to very accurately set everything up. When conditions allow, I only need to hook up a laptop, switch everything on. Usually within 30 minutes i am set up and photographing.
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Difficulties ?

  • The main problem is light pollution. Luckily I live in a very rural area and this is limited, however 50% of the time one is limited by the bright light from the moon.
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