A brief synopsis of myself



New Website

11th March, 2011

After nearly two years of consideration, I have at last begun my website


News from my observatory

11th March, 2011

Currently the weather is good and I am taking photos as often as possible

Visual astronomy:

What have I been looking at

11th March, 2011

Jupiter has moved on and now Saturn is to be seen along with venus in the early hours

About myself

My background:

I was born in Great Britain, close to London.  I had a typical Grammar School education and specialised in sciences.  I followed this by studying chemistry at the Imperial College of Science and Technology  in London.

After my graduation, I worked for a paint company in East London.  I then moved onto my current company, also in the paint industry, based in the Midlands.  After a few years I transfered to our parent company in northern Germany and have lived and workd for the past 20 years predominantly in german speaking countries, mainly Austria.

I am now fluent in german and have a good knowledge of high german and both schwäbisch and austrian dialechts

Despite having been born and brought up in large cities, I love the countryside and have lived the past ten years on a farm in western styria


My hobbies:

Over the years I have pursued a number of hobbies, mainly

Motorcycling / Travel


Astronomy and astrophotography


My Bio:

personel bio pic

Born and breed in Hertfordshire, England

Have worked in the paint industry supplying the automotive industry since my graduation in 1981. Have worked around the world for the majority of car manufactureers, in particular have lived since 1990 predominantly in Austria.